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Blue Hydrogen Storage Tank Manufacturer.

The Blue Hydrogen storage tanks are the tanks used for storage of Blue Hydrogen. The Blue hydrogen storage tanks are divided in three categories namely:

  • High pressure ( 300 bar g to 100 bar g )
  • Medium pressure ( 100 bar g to 50 bar g)
  • Low pressure ( 50 bar g to 20 bar g )

Design Codes and Standards:

The tanks are designed and constructed confirming to various international design codes and standards like ASME Section VIII Div 1, Div 2, EN 13445-3, PD 5500, AD 2000 and various other recognized international codes for contraction of unfired pressure vessels. Finite Element Analysis ( FEA) is carried out for each tank design for various load cases and load combinations to study and determine the integrity of the vessel over its entire life cycle.

Types of Blue Hydrogen Storage Tanks :

Blue Hydrogen Storage Tanks are divided into various types as follows :

  • Gaseous Hydrogen storage tanks
  • Liquid Hydrogen storage tanks ( Cryogenic tanks )
  • Horizontal cylindrical with Hemispherical ends
  • Vertical cylindrical with Hemispherical ends
  • Hydrogen Spherical storage tanks

Important Features of Blue Hydrogen Storage Tanks:

  • Design and Engineering using software like PV Elite etc
  • The Finite Element Analysis is carried out in ANSYS 2019R2
  • Reasonable cost of tanks.
  • Timely and shortest possible lead time and delivery time.
  • Stringent Quality assurance and Quality procedures ( QAP , ITP, etc )
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Use of qualified and certified welders and Engineers
  • Use of calibrated machines and equipment.
  • Destructive and Non-destructive test as per code like Radiography Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Ultra sonic Test of plates, Magnetic particle Florescent Test of weld seams , Hydro test and Production coupon plate testing.
  • Post weld heat treatment / Post forming heat treatment carried out for each vessel as per code requirement for relieving of stresses after welding.
  • Inspection by recognized international third party inspection agencies like DNV, BV, LLyods, TUV, etc

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Instant response time from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm.