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Hydrogen is stored in gas form under high pressure, in spherical tanks with thick walls to withstand the high pressure. The tanks are Designed and constructed in accordance to ASME / EN 13445-3 / DOSH / PED/ Other international codes . Design Pressure typically used are 150 Barg, 250 Barg, 350 Barg.

Spherical Tanks are a high pressure storage tanks designed to store gas at a significantly high pressure. A spherical tank can withstand approximately two times the pressure in a cylindrical pressure vessel.

The main advantage of the spherical construction is that the stress concentration in a spherical shape will be minimal while storing pressurized gases as the stress resistance will be uniform over the total surface.

Storage tanks for hydrogen are usually spherical, as opposed to the cylindrical tanks used for many other cryogenic gases. The spherical shape allows for minimal interaction between the tank and the outside world.

The heat transfer from the environment to the stored liquid hydrogen and, thus, the boil-off rate is reduced via minimizing the surface-to-volume ratio of tanks by making them spherical and via advanced insulation to minimize heat transfer through the tank walls.

A spherical shape is tough to manufacture, therefore more expensive, so most pressure vessels are cylindrical with 2:1 semi-elliptical heads or end caps on each end. Smaller pressure vessels are assembled from a pipe and two covers. High tanks provide greater depth and reduced surface area. The greater the surface area of the tank, the better the gas exchange at the water surface - and therefore the more rapid the dissipation of carbon dioxide and the absorption of oxygen.

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Instant response time from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm.