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Hydrogen Fuelling Station

PV Hydrogen is the Hydrogen produced using solar energy as the energy source. The use of solar energy to produce hydrogen can be conducted by two processes namely:

  • Water electrolysis using solar generated electricity
  • Direct solar water splitting

PV-electrolysis process is used to produce hydrogen for use as an automotive fuel. Hydrogen fuelling stations are used for storage and dispensing of Hydrogen in automotive.

Energy equivalent of Gasoline Vs Hydrogen

One gallon of gasoline = one kilogram (kg) of hydrogen.

A Typical Hydrogen Fuelling station is as follows :

We undertake complete Design, Engineering, Supply and Installation and commissioning of Hydrogen (H2) fuel stations. Due to zero emissions, it is green fuel with a zero-carbon footprint as it is generated using solar power to split water (electrolysis) process.

Salient Features :

  • Low cost per kilogram of hydrogen.
  • High performance and reliability.
  • Compact footprint.
  • High standards for safety.
  • Cater to wide range of volumes and pressure requirements.

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Instant response time from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm.