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Hydrogen Generator

A Hydrogen generator is a machine that is used to produce hydrogen from water, using a process called electrolysis.

Water Electrolysis with Electricity :

This is a process in which electrolysis of water is carried out using an electric current that breaks water ( H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen.

PV Hydrogen or Green Hydrogen :

Renewable energy sources like solar or wind are used to generate electricity and the same is then used in the above-mentioned electrolysis process to produce Hydrogen , the renewable hydrogen thus produced has numerous emissions benefits. Power-to-hydrogen projects are being launched worldwide, using excess renewable electricity, when available, to make hydrogen through electrolysis process.

How does a hydrogen generator work?

A hydrogen generator works by using electricity to split the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule apart from the oxygen atom. This is done by a process called electrolysis and is performed in a cell inside the hydrogen generator. The cell contains an anodic catalyst and a cathodic catalyst separated by a proton exchange membrane. Hydrogen ions are attracted to the cathodic catalyst, while the oxygen ions are attracted to the anodic catalyst. The pressure of hydrogen gas is then allowed to build to the desired pressure and delivered to the end user.

Why use a Hydrogen gas generator?

Hydrogen gas generators are a safe, convenient and typically the more cost-effective alternative to using high pressure cylinders of H2. A hydrogen generator is an environmentally friendly alternative to cylinders, since once it is installed; the generator will not need to leave the laboratory, providing gas for laboratory applications with all maintenance carried out in the laboratory. Hydrogen gas generators provide an ideal and effective way to create hydrogen gas within the confines of your warehouse or laboratory. A hydrogen cooling generator can provide research-grade 99.999% pure hydrogen gas that does not contain any impurities beyond trace amounts of water moisture, nitrogen, and oxygen, all of which are well below the levels of negative impact. Additionally, advanced research and development has provided safer, greener, more efficient and cost-effective means of generating on-demand hydrogen gas for laboratory, manufacturing and industrial applications.

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