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Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank Manufacturer

We Design and Manufacture Hydrogen storage tanks (Both liquid and Gas). There are two ways to store Hydrogen, either as a gas or as a liquid :

Different ways to Store Hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen can be stored in a gaseous form under high pressures at ambient temperature .
  • Hydrogen can be stored in Liquid form (cryogenic) at Low temperature at low pressure.

High pressure Hydrogen Gas Storage Tank ( Gaseous Hydrogen storage )

Hydrogen is stored in gas form under high pressure, cylindrical tanks either Horizontal or Vertical with thick walls to withstand the high pressure. The tanks are Designed and constructed in accordance to ASME / EN 13445-3 / DOSH / PED/ Other international codes . Design Pressure typically used are 150 Barg, 250 Barg, 350 Barg.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank

Cryogenic tanks are used for the storage of Liquid hydrogen (LH2). These tanks are double walled vacuum insulated to minimize Boil-off / evaporation losses. The tanks are either cylindrical / Spherical type and the selection of the type depends on the storage volumes. These tanks are provided with pressure relief device and Rupture to prevent over pressurization of the tank over and above the Design pressure. Design Temperature −252.8°C. Design code ASME / EN 13445-3 / DOSH / PED/ Other international codes .

Special Features:

We provide Hydrogen storage Packaged Unit as a fully integrated equipment system as per customer requirements and includes:

  • Hydrogen Storage Vessels duly certified by reputed Third party inspection agency.
  • Interconnecting Piping with Headers prefabricated at shop and assembled by our Engineers and Technicians at Site.
  • Tie-in point for Hydrogen Inlet and Outlet at the Header.
  • Manual Valves for isolation of each Storage Vessel.
  • Instrumentation includes Pressure Transmitters and Temperature Transmitters on each Vessel will Analog/Digital input to Client ICSS with hardwire and serial interface.
  • ESD Valves (Pneumatic Operated) with Ex Solenoid requiring digital output from Client ICSS and Open/Close feedback proximity switches providing digital input to Client ICSS.
  • ESD Local Control station for Closing Remote operated Valves with Indication
  • Other safety instruments include Pressure Safety Valves and Pressure Gauges
  • Field piping for Instrument Air with hook-up to Pneumatic operated ROVs and tie-point for compressed air from Air compressor.
  • Field wiring for Instrumentation with hook-up to instruments and tie-point for power source to be provided by Client (24 VDC Intrinsically Safe Power)

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Instant response time from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm.


Instant response time from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm.